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Parking By-Laws

This is a summary of a few by-laws. Please contact City of Ottawa for current information.

Parking is prohibited if you park:

  • over 3 hours between 7am - 7pm; 6 hours on weekends & statutory holidays (2018)
  • within 300 metres (984') of previous parking spot within 1 hour
  • a school bus or vehicle 6.5+ metres (21') between 9pm - 7am
  • winter overnight ban 1am - 7am if 7-cm. snow forecast Nov.15 - Apr.1
  • interfere with snow clearing
  • 9 metres (30') from an intersection
  • 3 metres (10') from a fire hydrant
  • more than 15 cm (6") from a curb
  • on a roadway 6 metres (20') wide or less
  • in front of, or within 1.5 metres (5') of a driveway
  • on driveway within 1.5m (5') of roadway without sidewalks
  • facing the wrong direction
  • stop in a loading zone
  • in a disabled space without a permit
  • over 4 hours using a disability parking permit
  • for purpose of displaying vehicle for sale
  • within 30 metres (98') approaching a school crosswalk; within 10 metres (33') of the leaving side
  • a heavy vehicle (recreational vehicle, camping trailer, boat) unless 6 metres (20') or less or parked in the rear or interior side yard and setback 0.6 m from the lot line.

If your vehicle is towed, call Ottawa Police Service 613-230-6211.

Winter Overnight Parking

Overnight parking bans between 1 and 7 a.m. can be put into effect in Ottawa anytime during the "winter", normally from mid-November to April. Overnight parking restrictions are automatically enacted when seven centimetres or more of snow is forecast, but the City can impose or cancel parking restrictions anytime regardless of the forecast. Announcements are made at City of Ottawa Winter Parking and the City's Twitter account @ottawacity.


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