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Kathryn Briggs, Terry Tufts and their daughter Beth Tufts have all made music for most of their lives. From stages to studios, teaching, performing, music has been the central thread in the weave of TRiPODs eclectic tapestry.

Terry is an award-winning singer-songwriter, finger-style guitarist who has performed with countless greats as well as being a solo artist. Terry has recorded his original material on 6 solo albums, 2 albums with KEWT (Kathryn and Terry) and one with The Algonquin Ensemble. He’s shared stages with Tom Paxton, David Francey, George Fox, Susan Aglukark, and The Arrogant Worms; been the founding member of several groups (A Joint Effort, RedRock Hotel, Howitzer, KEWT, The Algonquin Ensemble) and has made hundreds of appearances on TV, radio and stages around the world.

Kathryn began her musical life quietly, learning piano from several gifted and eclectic teachers who instilled in her a love of music and a passion for sharing it with others. She began teaching at 18 and it wasn’t until she met Terry in 1997 that she started to perform. Soon after she recorded an album of original piano instrumentals under the guidance of producer/songwriter Ian Tamblyn. She’s also responsible for the arrangements on Juno winner David Francey’s acclaimed Christmas album “Carols For A Christmas Eve” and is a founding member, composer and arranger for The Algonquin Ensemble. Her music has been used in soundtracks in radio and film.

Spring 2002 found Kathryn and Terry on a cross-Canada tour during Kathryn’s second trimester. As they performed their way across the country and back over 7 weeks, they introduced the ever expanding baby bump as “the bass player”. When Beth was born, right between her eyebrows, where her 3rd eye lay, was a tiny blue vein....shaped just like a bass clef. She literally sang her way through her public school years. Her teacher said “She just sings.. all day.” As Beth grew, her musical horizons grew too - she played some violin, piano, and lots of guitar. And she kept singing. Encouraged by music teacher Kyle Doucette, Beth found herself in coffee houses, recording videos, and playing with friends at open-stages. Then as the family made its way across Canada again during Spring 2018, an offer to play together as a trio presented itself. TRiPOD was formed somewhere between Parry Sound and Thunder Bay and the group appeared in Almonte ON for Canada Day. Beth was also part of the youth showcase at Stewart Park Festival, performing with fiddler Jessica Wedden, and then opening for Betty and the Bobs at the Folkus series and Kathleen Edwards at the Festival of Small Halls. As more people heard about Beth’s talents, gigs that Kathryn and Terry were being invited to suddenly included “We’ve heard really great things about Beth, so if you want to bring her along...”

TRiPOD brings audiences a wildly eclectic mix of original music and cover tunes with passion, joy and a whole lot of fun... and love.

Manotick Concerts

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