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The Manotick Directory

Why Get Listed in the Manotick Directory?

Best Promotion Value for Small Business

A quarter page ad in one Ottawa magazine costs $400 - which goes into the recycle bin within a week. For the same amount, your business in the Manotick Directory will be found online 24-7 for almost 7 years! Get Listed Now

"Online, no one knows if you are large or small."

Your listing fee provides promotion for your business or organization 24 hours a day at a low annual cost. Where else can you attract so many people for so little cost and so little effort?! Here are a few reasons you should be listed in The Manotick Directory:

  • The Manotick Business Directory will bring you new customers - guaranteed. Why? People searching for "Manotick" are led to The Manotick Directory in major search engines and directories. Many local Web sites link to us as well.
  • The basic listing page gets you started and has a valid Web address which you can put on your business cards. This page can be converted into a professionally design Web site at any time with photos, logo, detailed information about your business and even online ordering. Get Listed Now
  • Your business will benefit from the traffic directed here from other parts of this general directory for the Manotick area as well as from search engines and other directories.
  • Do you have a Web site already? Wondering why it does not bring new customers? Unless it is properly designed for searches and you apply to all the popular Search Engines, customers won't find you. The Manotick Directory adds both services. We use keywords in every listing so that search engines list your business properly by your products and services instead of just your "name" even if your Web site doesn't. We reapply to search engines to list the Manotick Directory on a regular basis, saving you the trouble.
  • Residents searching for products and services in Manotick come here first.
  • Where else can you reach new customers for so little effort at such low cost?! Get Listed Now
Rural businesses in Ottawa must work smarter to attract sales. You need to get the best value from a smaller marketing budget - online is the way to do that.
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