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About The Miller's Oven


The Miller's Oven began in 1983 as a non-profit café managed by a volunteer board, officially named The Rideau Millers Oven Seniors Committee.

The primary function of the café is to provide a place for seniors to network – part social network, part recreational circle and part family. They serve up wholesome fresh-made food with friendly conversation if you wish.

Management & Staff

The Miller's Oven is managed by a board of directors led by Colin Crosbie. It operates with a paid staff of three and a team of volunteers.

General Manager: Anne Mask
Cook: Kerry Crosby
Kitchen staff: Margaret Sloan


The general manager works with about 40 volunteers, mostly seniors and students. The café provides an opportunity for teens to fulfill volunteer hours and gain useful work experience. The volunteers are the heart and soul of the café, which wouldn't exist without them. Decorations inside and out are changed seasonally by volunteers. The Miller's Oven is always looking for new volunteers, so contact the General Manager if you would like to offer your services.

Community Support

Photo of Miller's Oven

All proceeds from The Miller's Oven support the operation of the café, but the "Tip Jar" and tips given to adult volunteers is donated to local community groups. From 1983 to 2015, more than $225,000 has been donated to seniors groups, food banks, and outreach programs run by the local churches. In supporting the village's annual "Shiverfest" winter festival, the 'Oven' won 3rd place in the Chili Cookoff's Professional Category in 2014.

In December 2015, The Miller's Oven Board of Directors had initially decided to close down after 32 years. But community groups quickly raised enough money to keep this village institution open for at least another year. Walls were painted and carpet laid, menus were updated and a debit card machine added. CBC News (Nov 3, 2015) | Ottawa Community News (Nov 13, 2015)

Honour Roll

Gerry McGlone retired after 30 years as general manager of The Miller's Oven. She will be missed by all her friends from the Oven. More about Gerry...

In 2011 Pat Drummond volunteered to create, host, and maintain The Miller's Oven website, then provided a free business listing and a banner advertisement in the Manotick Directory. A subdomain was created:

Emma Harrison, who worked at the Oven from 2009-2014, created the Miller's Oven Facebook page. In 2016, she passed the administrative duties to Pat Drummond, who added Board Directors Mary Newman and Joleen Mitchell. It's been a great success with customers by informing them about special events and showing lots of photos.

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