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Manotick Round-the-Islands Paddling Race

A family fun event paddling clockwise around Long & Nicolls Islands
OMCKRA sanctioned for C2/C1 Pro, C2/C1 Stock, C2/C1 Rec, K1, K2, SUP

The Race - Saturday, August 28, 2021

The first annual Manotick-Round-the-Islands paddling race was held on Saturday, August 28, 2021. The intrepid paddlers entered the Rideau at the launch ramp beside the swimming pool, at one minute intervals, in a race that became a nail-biter, pitting experience against youth.

By the beginning of the first portage at the O’Grady Street dock, the experienced pair of Chris Tyler and Terry Graham had extended their starting interval over the youthful duo of Brett and Luke Popplewell by over a minute. However, shortly after entering the back-channel at the Veteran’s Park, Chris & Terry did not “see a poem lovely as a tree”, until it swept them into the river. This put Brett & Luke close on their heels, until a second misread of the river had Chris & Terry walking; and the young pair overcame their start interval and took the virtual lead of the race.

After rounding Nicolls Island, they were nose to tail as they climbed up the Long Island locks. Brett & Luke were looking fresh as they launched into the main channel with a small lead plus their one-minute start interval; but by the time they returned to Bridge Street, Chris & Terry overcame it all, establishing the course record at one hour, 47 minutes, 37 seconds.

Gold Medal: Chris Tyler & Terry Graham
Silver Medalists: Brett & Luke Popplewell
Race Snapshot
Video of the 2021 Race
Organizer Brian Schacht
Mail 5595 Hope Drive, Manotick ON K4M1J2
Phone 613-692-4886
Location Manotick Boat Launch, 5495 South River Dr.

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