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Birding Locations in Ottawa, Ontario

Theses are only some of the good birding areas around Ottawa that are often mentioned in birding articles. This will help you locate them.

South Rural Ottawa

  1. Beryl Gaffney Park, 3889 Rideau Valley Dr. Park east of Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. [Google search] [map]
  2. Watson's Mill, 5525 Dickinson St, Manotick [Google search] [map]
  3. Black Rapids Lockstation, Prince of Wales Dr. south of Hunt Club Rd. [Google search] [map]
  4. Burnside Pit, Moodie Dr 1 km south of Cambrian Rd. [Google search] [map]
  5. Richmond Fen, Ruffed Grouse Area pulloff 1 km east of Munster Rd. Cross open field 30 m to the tracks. [Google search] [map]

West Ottawa

  1. Jack Pine Nature Trail (15km), parking off Hunt Club Rd., Cedarview Rd., and Moodie Dr (year-round) [Google search] [map]
  2. Hilda Road feeders, near Shirley's Bay [Google search] From Carling Ave. turn north on Rifle Rd., right on Lois Ave., then right on Hilda Road. [map]
  3. Fletcher Garden, Experiment Farm, south of the traffic circle and Arboretum [Google search] [map]

Greenbelt Trails

  1. Shirley's Bay, Ottawa River, west Ottawa is a Provincially Significant Wetland and one of the best spots in Ottawa for birdwatching - 270 bird species sighted. [Google search] [map]
  2. Stony Swamp - 40 km. of trails in south-west Ottawa near W. Hunt Club and Richmond Rd. Provincially Significant Wetland has over 700 plant species.
  3. Southern Farm and Pinhey Forest - also sand dunes. Between Merivale and Woodroffe Roads south of Hunt Club.
  4. Pine Grove - hiking and equestrian trail in a large forest in south Ottawa near Conroy and Davidson Roads.
  5. Mer Bleue Bog - 3,500-hectare northern boreal bog in eastern Ottawa near Anderson and Ridge Roads [map]

East Ottawa & Gatineau

  1. Casselman Sewage Lagoon, Concession Road 5 just east Laurier St. [Google search] [map]
  2. Conroy Island, Deschenes Rapids, Ottawa River - Gatineau Quebec. Gulls, terns, cormorants, and Great Egrets. [map]
NeilyWorld - Larry Neily tells you where to find good birding sites in the Ottawa area and along the Rideau River west shore.

Best birding location: your bird-feeders

Anyone with a bird-feeder can participate in the Ottawa Valley Christmas Bird Count, usually on a Sunday before Christmas. There is a Fall Bird Count the third Saturday in October as well. The Ottawa Field Naturalists Club collects local data for a national database used to monitor bird populations.

7 million birds die in the U.S. yearly from lawn-care chemicals.
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