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Promoting Manotick since 1996

The Manotick Directory

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2019: The Manotick Directory will Continue

After 22 years, the directory continues providing information about Manotick (200+ pages) - only businesses have been removed. As it was in 1996, the site is unfunded and maintained by a volunteer.

Thank you to our businesses for 18 years of support. All the best in 2019. - Pat Drummond

2018: Changes Coming for 2019

After 18 years of promoting local business, the business listings and advertising will disappear from the site by the end of December.

2015: Fiften Years Promoting Local Business

It's quite a milestone! In 2000, the "Manotick Index" was redesigned with a business directory added. The same year, the Manotick Notice Board was removed for lack of use.

2013: Advertising fees reduced

Advertising is not "sold" by a salesperson so ad fees were reduced to make it more attractive. A small ad image on a popular page is now only $10 per month and clicks through to a business listing or a web page. Banner ads remain at their already very low annual fee. These are shown at random on over 100 pages of the Directory.

2013: "Osgoode-Rideau Recreation" page moves to City of Ottawa

For 5 years, we hosted "Osgoode-Rideau Recreation" for the City of Ottawa's recreation programs. This information is now by the City of Ottawa:
Rural West (Manotick, Kars, North Gower, Richmond, West Carleton)
Rural South (Osgoode, Riverside South, Metcalfe)

2013: Forum and Calendar removed

The Manotick Forum and Manotick Calendar were removed for lack of interest. The Manotick Notice Board has been reactivated for notices and questions.

2012: Manotick Forum & Calendar

We've created a Manotick Forum and Manotick Calendar as an experiment to see if people would use them to promote local events or discuss anything of local interest.

2012: Shaelyn DeLuca joins the Manotick Directory

Shaelyn DeLuca has joined us to sell business services for the Manotick Directory. Shae attends St. Marks High School. Please welcome her if she stops by.

2011: Christmas Discount

Once again, we offered a new-business discount. Welcome to the businesses who got a great promo bargain at a busy time of year.

QR code

2010: QR code for your Smart Phone

Smart phones have a QR-code app that enable you to use the phone's camera to view the QR code on the right. This has contact information for the Manotick Directory. Your phone will give you several options to store the contact, phone or email.

2010: Business Special

We offered a discount off new business listings just before Christmas. It was posted to twitter.com/ManotickDir.

2010: Steady Increase in Visitors

The Manotick Directory gets thousands of unique visitors each month, increasing steadily since tracking begain. Search ranking for all website pages is also high. New business listings appear near the top of Google searches within days - it took weeks ten years ago. Businesses that put a link on their own websites to https://www.manotick.net improve their ranking (at no cost). Getting found online is what it's all about!

2010: We're on Facebook

Manotick Directory on Facebook 'ManotickDirectory' on Facebook To see our news in your Facebook news feed, just click the "Like" link on our page. Easy.

2010: Marilyn Doucet joins the Manotick Directory

Marilyn Doucet will be selling business listings for the Directory in her spare time. In addition to moving her business Manotick Counselling Services to Manotick, she finds time to do many other things.

2009: Follow us on Twitter @ManotickDir

Manotick Directory on Twitter Click on the icon to see our Twitter page. We have windows on our EVENTS page for latest tweets from @ManotickDir and also tweets "about Manotick".

2009: Events must now be submitted online

If you want your local events to get listed, you must submit it using our online form. Manotick area business events may also be listed.

2008: New Web Board

The "Manotick Message Board" (2002-2008) was replace by the "Manotick Notice Board" to clear out spam.

2008: Calendar on Events page

A new interactive calendar was added to the EVENTS page. It highlights today's date and can display any month of any year from 1980 to 2030.

2008: Free Web Pages

Over the years, we have created free web pages for many organizations. Most of them now have websites so we simply link to them.

2007: Web page created for community organization

  • Russell Art Group

2007: The website is hosted at "1and1"

When the Manotick Directory "disappeared" several times, we moved to a better, more reliable, and lower cost ISP 1&1.

2006: "613-" added to telephone numbers

Updated all business pages for the changeover to 10-digit phone dialling - phone numbers prefixed with "613".

2005: Manotick Legion Fundraising thermometer

The building plan and the current fund raising 'thermometer' was added to the Manotick Legion webpage, which we provided and hosted for the Legion from 2001 to 2007 to save them the annual costs for domain hosting, website hosting, web design and maintenance.

2005: We've Reorganized

We consolidated the website at www.manotick.net. Special transfer pages were created to make sure bookmarks to our pages still work. We decided to use online applications for business services, and will no longer visit businesses. On occasion, we may offer a new business an introductory discount.

2005: Web page created for community organization

Chris Tindale joins The Manotick Directory

We welcome, Chris Tindale who will be working on our directory.

2004: Web pages created for community organizations

2004: Banner Advertising

Our banner ads link to your business page (instead of the business directory). (Requested by a business - terrific improvement.) Thousands of people are visiting our site every week, increasing every year.

2003: Free Web pages created for community organizations

  • Kinsmen Club of Manotick & District
  • Manotick Feline Rescue (Organizations)
  • Manotick Action Group (no current listing)
  • North Gower Co-Operative Nursery School (Schools)

2002: Free Web pages created for community organizations

Second Message Board (Aug/2002)

The "Manotick Notice Board" was replace by the "Manotick Message Board" to clear out spam.

Display ads (Jun/2002)

Free advertising banners were created for all Rideau Chamber of Commerce members who renewed their business listings.

Rotating Display ads (Feb/2002)

Banner ads were created for businesses who renew their listings. A random banner appears on most pages; clicking jumps to the Business Directory.

2001: Free Web pages created for community organizations

Rideau Chamber of Commerce (May 2001)

A special offer of a free business listing in the Manotick Directory was made to members of the Rideau Chamber of Commerce to help with their membership drive. Quite a few accepted.

Web searches find our businesses first! (June 2001)

Searches on Google.com show that our marketing efforts are working. Business listings are coming up at the top of Google searches for any phrase combining the word "Manotick" with a product or service!

Web Flyers (2001)

An optional custom-design web page will be offered at a very low fee. Great value for small businesses that do not have a website.

Logos (2001)

We offer free logos for your website! Let people know you can be found on the Manotick Directory.

Manotick Web Board (April 2000)

We created a "Manotick Message Board" for questions and notices. No registration is required, and you may get messages emailed if you wish. Inappropriate messages are deleted regularly.

Mailing List (April 2000)

A "Manotick Village Mailing List" was created, but removed after four months due to lack of interest.

Free Web pages for local Organizations (2000)

Non-commercial organizations have been getting free listings since 1996 - now they can get a free web page.

Discounts for Business Associations (2000)

Several associations were offered volume discounts for business listings for their members but didn't reply. Individual businesses took advantage of an introductory offer. The listing includes a Web page that can be found by search engines.

Site Search Tool (March 2000)

A new search tool allows people to find any organization or business in the Manotick Directory easily by name, services, products or other keywords.

How the Manotick Directory Began (1996, March 2000)

Once upon a time, in the last century, people in Manotick had never heard of the "Web" and didn't search for information online. One day in 1996, Pat Drummond created her a web page which contained links to all the web pages about Manotick - a very short list! It was called The Manotick Index. A few years later, Pat started PDQ Web Design and joined the Manotick Business Women's Network. They convinced her to expand the Index to include a business directory - fees were required as no local organization had funds to support it. In March 2000, The Manotick Directory was born with a nominal fee of $50/year for a business listing, increasing to $60 a few years later where it remained. The business directory expanded entirely from online applications. The directory's owner discovered that giving out "free" business listings was looked on with great suspicion and rarely resulted in the business owner filling in an application!

The "Site Map" lists all the pages in the website, including directories for events, concerts, community dance, organizations, clubs, utilities, recreation, sports groups, community, recreation & business associations schools, governments, churches, hospitals, parks, recreation areas, trails, city facilities, phone numbers, city facilities, seniors resources, tourism and history. maps, weather,

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