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The Manotick Directory

Community & Recreation Associations

Community Associations

Beckett's Landing Community Association
Bill Adams 613-258-3087
Burritts Rapids Community Association
Carleton Golf & Yacht Homeowners Association (CGYHA)
Fairmile, Reeve Craig Ratepayers & Recreation Association
Brenda Shah 613-258-5913
Greely Community Association
Kars Old Village Property Owners Association
Jerry Fortier 613-489-3074
Manotick Village & Community Association (MVCA)
for residents of the Manotick area
Manotick Culture Parks & Recreation Association (MCPRA)
Volunteers works with City of Ottawa to create and improve parks
Meadowbrook Community Association
Sandra Parmalee 613-489-3455
Nicolls Island Community Assocation
Ian Hawtrey 613-692-4528
North Gower & District Community Association (NGDCA)
North Gower Community Centre
Osgoode Village Community Association (OVCA) - site 2
Originally Osgoode Business Association
Osgoode Youth Association (O-YA)
Richmond Village Assocation (RVA)
Rideau Country Estates Residents
Alida Moffat 613-258-5486
Riverside South Community Association (RSCA)
Rideauview Recreation Centre, 4310 Shoreline Dr.
Stonebridge Community Association

Recreation Associations

Carsonby Recreation Association
Peggy Eastman 613-489-2601
Kars Community Recreation Association
1604 Old Wellington St.  map
Facebook group
Kenmore Recreation Association
613-580-2424 x 30235
Marlborough Recreation Association
Metcalfe Recreation Association
613-580-2424 x 30235
North Gower Recreation Association
Larry Engel 613-489-3975, 489-3062
Vernon Recreation Association
613-580-2424 x 30235
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