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Manotick Parks & Trails

Parks West of Rideau River

Piano in AY Jackson Park 2018
Pianos in the Park: A.Y. Jackson
A.Y. Jackson Park
1100 Arthur Crescent [map]
Gazebo overlooking Watson's Mill, Rideau River
"Pianos in the Park" (sponsored by local residents)
Barney McCarney Landing /
Orchard Hollow Park
Orchard Hollow Dr., Rideau River [map]
Baxter Conservation Area
7498 Carter Rd. south of Kars [map]
Interpretive Centre, beach, trail, shelter, tables, toilets. Parking fee.
Beryl Gaffney Park
3901 Rideau Valley Dr. N. by Rideau Valley Conservation Authority [map]
Walking/biking trails along river
Bracken's Field
1075 Bridge St. across from Manotick Public School   [map]
Centennial Park
5572 Doctor Leach Dr. behind Manotick Arena [map] 613-692-4772
Sports fields, park, outdoor skating rink (winter)
Chapman Mills Conservation Area, Barrhaven
Winding Way to Lodge Rd.
Board walk by Rideau River, canoe launch, washrooms, no dogs
Chris' Field
Between Van Vliet Rd & South River Dr [map]
David Bartlett Park
5201 Mclean Crescent & Bravar Dr. [map]
35 acres on north end of Long Island, on Rideau River, barbeques, washrooms
Dogs off-leash only if under control
Paths to Long Island Rd Park, Long Island Locks
Dickinson Square
Dickinson St. between Mill St. & Johnston Clapp Ln.
Watson's Mill. [map]
Working heritage grist mill by Rideau River, store, museum.
Walk north to Manotick Remembrance Park, 1125 Johnston Clapp Ln
Walk across dam to Millview Parkette & AY Jackson Park
City of Ottawa Dog Parks
Park Finder
David Bartlett Pk, Stonecrest Park, W.C. Leveque Fields Pk
Echo Park, Carleton Golf & Yacht Club
Marina Drive at Timagami Court [map]
Play structures, bench, and sports field
George McLean Park
Between McLean Cres. and Rideau River west channel [map]
Outdoor skating rink (winter)
Goddard Street Park
Between Potter Dr. and Goddard St. [map]
Heart's Desire Park / Jock River Landing, Barrhaven
12 Lodge Rd. at 3609 Prince of Wales Dr. [map]
Jock River Landing - fishing, canoe/kayak launching (no ramp)
Hilltop Park
Between Hilltop Dr. and Long Islands Rd. [map]
Long Island Park
5344 Long Island Drive, west bank of Rideau River [map]
River path leads to David Bartlett Park
Mahogany Harbour Parkette
Benches, path & dock on Rideau River - planned for 2019
Manotick Main St. @ Eastman Ave. [map]
Major W. Ross Chamberlain Park
Bridgeport Ave. (5676 Manotick Main St.) [map]
In World War II, Ross Chamberlain served in Canada's Fourth Princess Louise Dragoon Guards' Reconnaissance Division. He formed part of the first Canadian Infantry Division in the Italian campaign and was also part of the 5th Canadian Armoured Division in northwest Europe. Mr. Chamberlain was awarded the Military Cross in recognition of his "exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy on land." In 1962, Mr. Chamberlain became a devoted member of the Manotick Legion, founding the Youth Education Committee and student bursary program, and received the Legion's 75th Anniversary Medal in 2001. He started the Rideau Seniors Association and helped found the Manotick Senior Citizens Service Centre, helped create Hyfield Place and the Miller's Oven, and campaigned for accessibility rights for seniors and people with disabilities.
Manotick Boat Launch (Rideau River)
5495 South River Dr. (Park) Beside Bridge St. [map] [2D map] [3D map]
Gravel ramp, dock, parking (City of Ottawa says it's free)
Manotick Remembrance Park
1125 Johnston Clapp Ln at Dickinson St.
6 gardens dedicated to Canadian Services: Army, Navy, Air Force, Merchant Navy, Peacekeeping, & those who served on the Home Front
Veterans Walk - between park and Watson's Mill
Photo Gallery of Remembrance Park
Maple Hill Park
3785 Prince of Wales Dr. [map]
Between Beryl Gaffney Park / Heart's Desire Park
Walking Trail along Rideau River
Piano in Mill St. Park
Mill Street Parkette 2017
Mill Street Parkette
1138 Mill St. [map]
Decorated public piano (Sponsored by Manotick School of Music, Home Hardware, KB Backyard Depot, Splash Pools)
Millview Parkette
5526 Millview St. [map]
Picnic table by Rideau River. Buy duck feed at Watson's Mill.
Mud Creek Park (planned)
North side of 748 McManus Ave. to Mud Creek City of Ottawa Project Plan
North Gower Recreation Centre
2300 Community Way, North Gower [map]
Rideau River Provincial Park, Kemptville
Donnelly Dr. (McCordick Rd) Rideau River park, beach, playgrounds, campsites, washrooms, showers, tables. [map]
Public dock
South River Dr. Public Dock
South River Drive Park
Access: 5495 South River Dr. [map]
Manotick Boat Launch and dock
{Ivy & Gordon} Scharf Park
Potter Dr, Wadell Ct. and Pettapiece Cr. [map]
(also called West Meadow Potter Drive Park)
Stonecrest Park
220 Stoneway Dr. [map]
Dogs allowed off-leash 8 pm to 8 am
Van Vliet Park
Van Vliet Rd. and Hill St. [map]
W.C. Leveque Fields Park    
62 Riverstone Dr    
On Stonebridge Trail along Jock River    
Signed off-leash area    [map]
Washkà Park    (proposal)    
855 Artemis Circle, Riverwalk, on Rideau River    
named for the Algonquin word for ‘crooked’ to describe zigzag         lines in ancient pottery sherds found on the site.
West River Drive Park / The Duck Lot
West River Drive at Bridge St. [map]
Maintained by MCPRA
Whitewood Avenue Park
Whitewood Ave. north end [map]

Parks East of Rideau River

Claudette Cain Park
4300 River Rd (Riverside South) [map]
"Pianos in the Park" had a solar-powered electric piano here in 2016. [ottawacitizen.com, ]
Gideon Adams Park
~3500 River Rd, north of Rideau Hill Camp [map]
Osprey platform north of the parking area
Jeffrey Armstrong Memorial Park
Nicolls Island Rd (near Long Island Locks) [map]
Joella Park, Osgoode    
5565 Joella Cres.    [map]
Long Island Lock Station
Nicolls Island Rd. off River Rd. [map] 613-692-3030
on the Rideau Canal
Tables, toilets. Parking fee $1/hour $4/day
Ridgewood Tot Lot
3366 Bramble Lane, Osgoode [map]
Seniors Peace Park
Osgoode Main St. (beside Post Office)
W.A. Taylor Conservation Area (Taylor Park)
Osgoode Main St. and River Road (RR 19) on Rideau River [map]
Concrete boat launch (fee), 24' public dock, picnic area
Walter Upton Collins Park
894 River Rd. north of Manotick on the Rideau River [map]
White Horse Park
Between Old Mill Way and east bank of Rideau River [map]

Trails near Manotick

Half Moon Bay Trail, Barrhaven
Connects to Rideau Valley Conservation Area Trail [map]
Map by Half Moon Bay Community Association
Manotick Walking Tour #1Tour #2
Marlborough Forest trails
3049 Pierce Rd, 12 km west of Kars [map]
Osgoode Multi-Use Pathway
5479 Osgoode Main St.
22-km trail from Osgoode to Leitrim Road [map1], crosses Mitch Owens Rd. east of Manotick Station, crosses Rideau Rd. east of Bowesville [map2], passing through Falcon Ridge Golf Club, to Leitrim Rd. [map3].
Rideau Trail
K. Buckingham 613-860-2225
Hiking Trail Kingston to Ottawa through Burritts Rapids, Marlborough Forest
Trans Canada Trail
Hiking Trail through Stittsville, Kanata, Ottawa River

Rideau River Access

The Manotick Culture, Parks and Recreation Association, with City of Ottawa funding, has installed 12 Public Water Access signs in 2016 to indicate properties that provide safe access to the Rideau River to launch a kayak, fish, or just enjoy the view. Most of these parkettes are between houses or are just a pathway so aren't easy to find without the signs.

River Access Sign
River Access Sign
Barney McCarney Landg	5671 South Island Park Dr
Access Walkway		5525 South Island Park Dr
Manotick Library 	5489 South Island Park Dr
Hill Street access	5581-5589 South Island Park Dr
Duck Lot		5606 West River Dr
Long Island Road Park	5331 Long Island Rd
Cecil Rowat Lane	5158 Cecil Rowat Lane
Tighe St.		1118-1119 Tighe St
O'Grady St.		1117-1118 O’Grady St
Currier St. 		1125 Currier St 
Kelly Marie Dr.		5749 Kelly Marie Dr 
Orchard Hollow Park	1886 Orchard Hollow (north)

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