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We get queries like this all the time: "We are moving to Manotick. Could you please recommend a local business for ...?" If your business is in the Directory, they don't need to ask! The Manotick Directory gets 70 to 95 thousand visitors per year, and an information resource for Manotick and the surrounding villages. Expanded in 2000 to promote local businesses, it's still the best value for your promotion budget.

1. Business Listing

We list businesses operating in or serving the area around Manotick, Ontario. Here's what you get:

  • A business listed by category, business name and owner/manager.
  • A business information page with web/email links and optional image.
  • Free updates when details changes.
  • Your business page will be found in web searches such as Google.
  • Group discount for Canadian Automobile Association (CAA travel plan)

We add your organization to the Business Directory normally within 1-2 days of receiving your Application. Our Fees are low and very good value. Businesses in our directory get emails and calls, and visits to their website from

2. Custom Listing page

  • Includes everything listed in "Business Listing" above.
  • A custom business page is created from supplied information and images.
  • Cost is the listing fee plus a one-time design fee.
  • Renewal fees will be the same as for a basic listing.
  • Your web address looks like this:
  • Optional web address:
Your next customer looked here first - did they find your business?

3. Display Advertising

A graphic ad for your business provides the best online promotion. Your advertisement will be seen 24-hours a day for a whole year at about the same cost as one small print ad. When someone clicks on your ad, they will view either your business page in our directory or your business website. You may supply the ad image (max. 80 px X 400 px, JPG, PNG or static GIF) or we will create one for you. We can recommend the best pages for you to choose from - just ask us.

The Manotick Directory promotes every page in this website so your business gets found in Web searches! Attract new customers online 24 hours a day at a fraction of the cost of other methods. Apply now!

4. Banner Advertising

Banner ads are displayed in random rotation on over 80 pages of this directory. Clicks on your ad lead to your business information page. Maximum exposure for a very low cost.

If you prefer a permanent location on one of our high traffic pages instead, see "Display Ads" above.

5. Free Organization Listings

Community groups can request a free listing (with link or email) in any of our directories. Just fill in the basic information online:   Submit an organization

6. Free Events listings

The Manotick Directory listings for local community and business events are listed free - just submit the details using our online form:   Submit an event

Promoting Business since 2000  ~  Promoting Manotick since 1996.
Thousands of people visit the Manotick Directory every week. If you have a business, getting found online is important! Use your online search tool to find Manotick ..{any product or service} and you will see immediately why businesses want to get listed!
A few search terms used by our visitors (often combined with "Manotick"):

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